Hymnancipation! website started in 2004 with a series of albums celebrating great traditional hymns of the Christian faith. These instrumental improvisations for sequenced synthesizers embrace each hymn tune with a musical style that has been described as refreshing, engaging, exhilarating, innovative, contemplative, faith-filled and joyful. The intention is to explore the beauty of form and content in each exquisitely crafted tune, with a desire that these renditions will somehow enable yet another generation to be caught up in their enduring quality. The hymns I've selected are found in the Lutheran Book of Worship. Many of the tunes are common to other hymnals, such as Roman Catholic, Episcopalian, Presbyterian, Methodist and UCC (United Church of Christ), although the texts may be different. These tunes represent the 'creme de la creme' of the art of song-crafting; and they deserve to be liberated from the confines of the church sanctuary. Included are hymns and carols of Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost and other festivals of the Church. Listen to them in your home. Take them with you in the car. Play them on hike & bike trails. Use them for personal meditation. Whistle or hum along. If you feel like dancing to them, THEN DANCE! Make these hymn tunes familiar friends; and they will enrich your personal life, as well as your worship life.

Beginning with a single environmental anthem "Try To Bring Me Home", I decided in 2015 to add some of the songs that I have written. NEW for 2017, is my triple album CONFESSIONS OF A GAY CHRISTIAN, a musical chronology of the formative years of my spiritual journey as a gay man - 49 songs written from 1970-1990.

NEW for 2018 in digital downloads only, is the fourth album of the Hymnancipation Series of hymn improvisations - OF PURPLE AND PASSION, hymns of Lent, Holy Week and Easter.


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