Of Purple and Passion

by John Michael McCluney

Released 01/15/2018
Released 01/15/2018
Improvisations for synthesizer of traditional hymns of Lent, Holy Week and Easter in various musical genres. There are definitely some surprises in the arrangements of these hymns of the ages.
This album is Volume 4 of the Hymnancipation Series of improvisations based on traditional hymns of the Christian Church. The entire Hymnancipation Series, which began in 2004, is grouped by Liturgical seasons and festivals of the Church. "Of Purple and Passion" contains hymns of Lent, Holy Week and Easter. A PDF containing liner notes for each track is also available on the Hymnancipation website, as well as the first three volumes of the hymn series.

These hymns were arranged in various musical genres, using my faithful Kurzweil PC2X synthesizer - multi-tracks sequenced and mixed by computer software, digitally recorded and further mixed on a dedicated digital recorder, then digitally mastered with post-production computer software. Too often, synthesizers get short shrift as boring, robotic, or strictly utilitarian instruments; because, too often, that's the way they've been employed in recordings and live performance. The truth is that they can be extremely expressive musical instruments. Pop on a pair of headphones or earbuds, and you'll hear for yourself.


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