A musical chronicle encompassing the formative years of my spiritual journey from 1970 to 1990. These are confessions of faith and love. There's no implicit guilt here. I am who God made me to be and nothing else. This triple album is first and foremost about the songs I've always wanted to share. After spending some time in the late 1980's sending in submission tapes to various publishers of Contemporary Christian Music and feeling lucky if I even received responses back, I finally abandoned the pursuit. I was aware that most CCM artists wrote their own material, and that the whole market was pretty much under the control of the Evangelical religious right. There was no welcome mat out for anyone openly gay - and still isn't! Now, it's very easy for an Indie musician/songwriter to self produce an album, using CD Baby as distributor and publisher. So that's what I've spent most of the past year doing with this album project. I'm thankful that the songs are finally out there for others to share.


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